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Holiday destinations

Tourism means a rapidly growing source of income for Turkey. The accommodation for modern mass tourism has been not yet this way extended as in a Greece or Italy. The possibilities for luxuriously range - or sun holidays are there however enough, not only along the Aegean coasts, but also in the south to the Mediterranean sea and in the north to the black sea.

For the tourist in search of culture Turkey is a shear paradise. Cities such as Istanbul and Izmir attracks always a lot of tourists, as well as the rests of Troje and places such as Efeze and Bursa.

Beside a lot of Islamic monuments Istanbul is the main place of Byzantine construction art, the Aya Sophia (6th century). Another city worth seeing in European Turkey is Edirne with among other things the mosque of the hand of Turkish most important architect, Sinan (16de centuries).

Manisa is the main Turkish-Islamic culture centre in the Aegean area, among other things a lot of mosques. The bathing resort Çesme has a medieval fortress. Kusadasi (bird island) is a modern, frequented visited bathing resort. Antalya is the tourist centre of the Mediterenean sea coast. Also here are several ancient remnants for example a number of Roman theatres.

At Demre you can find the ruins of Myra, the city of Nicolaas of Myra (santaclaus, Dutch), above his grave a church has been built. In Perge itself you wil find an ancient stadion and a theatre, intended for 27,000 spectators.

In Eastern direction are tourist places like: Alanya, a fortress from the Selds area. Within this the double walls of this fortress are mosques, a covered bazaar and a palace. The stalcatite cave of Damlatas is close to Alanya. Near to Alanya you will find the bathing resort Anamur with a large medieval castle and also the bathing resort Silifke with a mideval fortress. Antalya (the ancient Antiochië) with a famous collection Roman mosaics in the museum.

The black sea coast has a mild climate. Here most of the precipitation of Turkey falls, most of the forrest of Turkey does exist. Giresun belongs to the more modern bathing resorts. Trabzon (the Trebizonde from the Byzantine time) has very interesting architecture. South of Trabzon above a steep abyss lies the 14th-century convent of Sumela.
Worth seeing in Western-Anatolia are Bursa and Iznik. AtÇanakkale the ruïnehill of Troje lies. Amasya hasamong other things mosques and rock sepulchres of Pontiankings. In the south the place of pilgrimage Konya has beenknown for the 'dancing derwisjen'.

The south of Eastern-Anatolia are taken by (historical) the landscape of Cappadocia, which is especially known for groups of capricious rocks with a lot of natural caves, which have served as a houses, church or convent. Worth seeing in the remaining parts of Eastern-Anatolia is Tokat with a castle with 28 towers and mosques from 12th and 16th the century, Kars with remains of the Armenian city Ani (10th-11th century), Diyarbakir with many oldconstruction work buildings, among other things a mosque from approx. 1090 and a 5 km long basalts (therefore black) town wall with 72 torens.

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Hibernate in a hotel apartment

We are proud to offer you this season for hibernating also the possibility
to spend the wintertime 1 november 2011 to 30 april 2012 in a nice, lovely hotel, where you are in a good company and have also the best service and a 24/7 travel guide.

Price start at 28 days for 2 persons € 879,00 including breakfast .( 765,00 pound depending on the rate pound/euro )

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The winter is not something of recent times but already many centuries ago.

After our success of the 2010/2011 season, we start again for the 2011/2012 season with our great value offer for the winter with our famous guarantee and 24 hour service for our customers in Alanya.


For slightly disabled or wheelchair users, we can offer apartments in this season again and counseling services 24 hours required.

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